Employee Engagement - Creating “Connection Cultures”

Companies worldwide are experiencing massive growth by creating meaningful connections between employees! You can too with About Me Card technology.

Understand the 5 key elements of a connected culture:

  1. There is a clear vision
  2. Individual employee’s value is recognized as unique
  3. Employees have a voice
  4. Be a servant leader
  5. Celebrate those who are committed

According to Michael Lee Stallard, a business consultant and leadership trainer, “The good news is that employee engagement isn’t the result of expensive perks or time-consuming programs. It comes from having a company culture where people care about each other and about their work.”

“In these ‘connection cultures,’ people invest time to develop healthy work relationships, and the resulting bond creates a sense of connection, community and unity that energizes the team and spurs productivity and innovation.”

Prophit Marketing developed the About Me Card tool. “Everyone was talking about ‘Employee Engagement’” said Joe Kiedinger process developer, “but nobody could share a system or track their progress."" Our team and our proprietary web tools allow companies to authentically create their own connection culture. Their results are lower turnover and higher engagement. Our process saves companies money on their bottom line and they feel good about it because their people are engaged.

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